INFINITE’S BTD by Eric and Kevin

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10 /  pops in seoul moments
when xander compliments kevin

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Minseok flirting with boys day’s Ren ..☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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if infinite were in one school…

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Everyday’s Boy’s Day

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[140308] MBC Music Core cr: cupitter 

[140308] MBC Music Core 

cr: cupitter 

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[140308] MBC Music Core 

cr: cupitter 

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[140308] MBC Music Core cr: cupitter 


Finally found the Boy’s Day interview with Eng Subs for those who haven’t seen it yet!

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[Staff Story] 2014.03.08 NU’PAPA update

Boy’s Days’ Rena pictures from waiting room! ||

This is NU’EST Staff who’s back after a while!
Today I’m going to show Rena’s sexy, bewitching and cute figure who set LOVE’s heart on fire last night. Tonight turns to be an ambitious night!
Everyone…are you ready to goes ‘Ackkk Ackkk’ together?
Then, gogossing~
Sexy Rena who’s monitoring the dry rehearsal~ hi miss, you got some time? ^3 ^
Selca fairy’s angle is 45°! Lifting head! Pretty eyes! Tiny lips!
……Is the water on Han river cold these days….? It’s definetely not tears that coming out from my eyes ..흡^흡
No one knows if we could see Rena again…Rena♥
Enjoy his bewitching, sexy and cute figure!
While taking picture of Ren who’s transformed into Rena
NU’EST Staff silently searching for ‘Temperature of water on Han river today?’ On naver…………….
I’m gathering those who want to go with me(1/50)
I’ll be back next time with more shocking story~~~~
Then bye! See you again! Later! Bye!

Trans by: thenuest

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